Why an amazing manager on duty will make your retail store the best in the business. 

Why an amazing manager on duty will make your retail store the best in the business 
The importance of the M.O.D – Manager on duty

The required Skills of MOD

The MOD must demonstrate and execute the following skills to set an enthusiastic and energetic tone for both the Consumers and the associates in store:

  • Leadership abilities 
  • Excellent Customer Service 
  • Strong Communication skills
  • Good Decision Making Abilities
  • Ability to delegate to the wider team  
  • Ability to influence and motivate store team
  • Ability to set priorities and follow up
  • Ability to set the store for success
  • Ability to foresee opportunities for the business

The business day of the MOD

The Manager on duty should be responsible for the following 

 Start of business day

  • Set the Direction and the daily priorities ( stockroom and goods receiving area setup, relevant  marketing and or products initiatives Implementation, Promotion roll out) 
  • Create the Daily briefing and share the info with the morning team 
  • Complete the Zoning Chart and Time Zone 
  • Check and follow up from previous day tasks ( Replenishment , Shop floor Standards )
  • Review messages from previous day closing manager on duty.
  • Set the store for opening ( cash and system management procedures)

  During the business day

  • Drive the Consumer experience 
  • Observe associates’ performance in delivering company’s customer service model 
  • Be in constant motion and be present on the shop floor
  • Be the link between shop floor and back of house
  • React to store trends as needed: re-zoning team members, address needs of specific areas or dept. of the store (i.e. fitting rooms etc.)
  • Monitor the Checkout Experience
  • Ensure standards of housekeeping and Product presentation Standards 
  • Address specific customer needs or emergencies or issues as they arise. 
  • Update the store team on business results ( vs. target ) KPI and revenues 
  • Share information with the team and share feedback in real time ( link behaviors to results)

 End of business day 

  • Update Business Results 
  • Ensure store is set for next morning
  • Communicate key info for morning team
  • Close the store ( cash and system management procedures)

Main Task: Set the store for success

Set the Direction

The objective of setting the direction is to gain insight into progress towards the Weekly Objectives and plan to identify the day’s strategy and communicate it to the team through the daily briefing.

Create the Daily briefing :

  • The Briefing communicates the KPI’s and behaviors the team will focus on throughout the day. 
  • Information to be included in the briefing : Store Metrics (Yesterday , Budget ,vs. LY , Conversion, UPT)
  • Review performance of the store WTD to identify patterns or opportunities to deliver results ( i.e. Work on promotions or leverage CR)
  • Product Info
  • General Store news
  • Promotions 

Complete the associates zoning Chart :

Strategically place Team members within a zone of the store to ensure a premium consumer experience and achieve Business Results. Consider the following factors when creating the zone chart.

  • Review coverage/peak hours to determine the best time to schedule breaks periods.
  • Assign relevant HRS to back of hours operations to guarantee products processing and replenishment standards and effectiveness.
  • Prioritize which zones need to be covered first on the shop floor 
  • Match ability level of the Team members to the zone assigned
  • Assign Operational tasks and checkouts coverage.

The MOD will answer management phone calls, check-in deliveries, check-out associates be accessible to consumer’s requests and requirements at all times, and manage the cash related operations ( employee discount, till handover, etc.)
Observing Behaviors and Sharing info with team 

Observing Behaviors  

While the MOD is in constant motion, they are observing behaviors and asking themselves questions to ensure a premium experience is being delivered to the consumers. 

  • Are associates displaying a sense of urgency around consumer satisfaction at all times?
  • Are associates providing a premium consumer experience through the company’s service model ? 
  • Are team members effectively working with multiple consumers?
  • Are the Visual merchandising standards maintained consistently during the business day and looked after only during down time?
  • What are the zones where consumers need the most assistance?
  • Is the store being replenished according to the business trend ?

Share information with the team 

  • Ensure that associates are aware of store’s Sales, Conversion, and other KPI goals
  • Hourly Sales, Conversion and KPI’s are updated and communicated to team
  • React to Business Trends and needs
  • Ensure that associates are aware of New Products and current promotions and initiatives
  • Communicates replenishment needs to back of house team 
  • Maintenance and communication of zoning within the store
  • Be accessible to customers’ requests at all times
  • Prioritize customer needs/interaction over assigned tasks 
  • Manage breaks according to the associates schedule 

What a successful MOD should aim for ? 

  • Create a culture within the store to ensure that the team is focused on:
  • Providing Premium consumer experience through the execution of the company’s service model, conveying company’s values.
  • Delivering Premium Product Presentation and Operation Excellence
  •  Achieve Financial Results by driving Sales, Conversion Rate and other KPI’s, and maximize store potentials 
  • Strong floor presence at all times, be an example for the team  
  • Coach the store team : Inspire, Motivate, Challenge and Teach associates.




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Published by Raffaele Felaco

I am an enthusiastic leader with strong background in direct and indirect sales with an exten- sive experience in both retail and wholesale business. I have been fortunate to have worked alongside teams in structured environments both in Italy and abroad over the last 20 years, en- abling me to develop strong leadership skills, a natural approach in effective communication, the ability of positively influencing others and master complex business negotiations.

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