Simply Explained Business Model Canvas

Business Model Canvas

Below I’ve highlighted the 9 parts of what’s is commonly known as Business Model Canvas, and in each part you’ll find simply explained each part key point / relevant questions

1)Customer Segments

Which customers and users are you serving?

Which jobs do they really want to get done?

2)Value Proposition

What are you offering them?

What is getting done for them?

Do they care?


How does each customer segment want to be reached?

Through which interaction points?

4)Customer Relationships

What relationships are you establishing with each segment?

Personal? Automated? Acquisitive? Retentive?

5)Revenue Streams

What are customers really willing to pay for? How ? Are you generating transactional or recurring revenues?

6)Key Resources

Which resources underpin your business model? Which assets are essential?

7)Key Activities

Which activities do you need to perform well in your business model? What is crucial?

8)Key Partners

Which partners and suppliers leverage your model? Who do you need to rely on?

9)Cost Structure

What is the resulting cost structure? Which key elements drive your costs?

To make it even easier I am posting below the example of the business canvas model of a well known company (Skype)

Skype business model canvas
Skype Business Model Canvas

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