The Store Operations Checklist

No matter how big or small, no matter what you sell this checklist might comes handy.

The Store Operations ChecklistThe Store Operations Checklist

First overall look

1. On a scale of one to ten; how presentable is the store?

2. Are carts / baskets/ shopping tools available near the entrance ?

3. Aisles are free of obstructions?

4. Aisles/sections are appropriately labeled?

5. A sales associate is easy to locate if assistance is needed?

6. Current sales signage up?

7. Signage and props in like new condition?

8. Store lighting optimized with no burnt-out bulbs?

9. Is store shelving, countertops and product dust free?

10. Are shelves fully stocked, but not cluttered?

11. Is garbage and recycling taken out nightly?

12. Are public washrooms clean (if applicable)?


1. Are seasonal products on display?

2. Is product restocked completely at regular intervals?

3. When was the last restock completed?

4. Product appropriately organized by size/brand/etc.?

5. Is every item priced with a hang tag or barcode? Check 3 items in each section.

6. Discounted or sales product is clearly marked?

7. Product packaging sealed, clean and free of damage?

Cash desk

1. Are lines moving efficiently?

2. Cash wrap is free of personal effects and extra money?

3. Flyers/cards/print collateral are readily available for customers to take?

4. Regular deposits are being made?

5. Does deposit slip have required signature?

6. Overages/Shortages are recorded?

7. When was the date of the last cash audit?


1. Did the staff greet customers?

2. How long did it take for an employee to greet you when entering the location?

3. Was the service satisfactory?

4. Please comment on employee interactions with customers. Review service standards if needed.

5. Was the retail associate aware of the current promotion? Note name of the associate.

6. Ask one employee to detail customer service standards. Provide details about your discussion.

7. All staff are signing in and out, or logging hours according to company policy?

8. Are there missing punches?

9. Schedules are posted and up to date?


1. When was the last date of employee training?

2. Interview any newly trained employees. Record any employee follow-up questions to training.

3. What was the date of the last staff meeting?

4. When is the next staff meeting scheduled?

5. Did you identify any coaching opportunities while in store? Provide details.

Shared Spaces

1. The office is clean and free of clutter?

2. The employee shared space is free of clutter or food?

3. Do staff know where to store personal effects?

Exterior Area Checklist


1. Is signage clearly visible to passing pedestrian and car traffic?

2. Are store hours up to date and visible?

3. Do window displays feature the latest campaign?

4. Windows are in good condition and clean?

5. Are windows well lit with product highlighted after closing hours?

6. Signage is current and in good repair?

7. Is someone responsible for keeping signage/exterior clean?

8. External building is clean and well lit?

9. Parking, if available, is it clearly marked?

10. If landscaping is applicable, is it well maintained?


1. Is the latest campaign setup near the front of the location?

2. Are aisles free of clutter?

3. Is customer traffic flow aided by the store layout?

4. Store is well lit with no burnt-out bulbs?

5. Lighting is positioned for maximum impact?

6. Is the product easily accessible?

7. Product signage is in good condition?

8. Are wall displays utilized effectively?

9. Quantity and types of gondolas/displays are appropriate to store space?

10. Are hotspots used strategically for high-margin impulse SKUs?

11. Do staff have a good view of the store at all times from the main counter?

12. Is the main counter/cash clean and free of clutter?

13. Are potential blind spots identified and managed?

14. Flyers/cards/print collateral are readily available for customers to take?

15. All fixtures, floors, walls, windows, and surfaces are clean and well maintained?

16. Has the layout been updated at least once in the last year?


1. Are shelves fully stocked, but not cluttered?

2. There are no product holes in displays?

3. Product is not hidden and is easily found in the appropriate area?

4. Is product packaging in good condition? (if applicable)

5. Is product organized by size/color/brand as would be expected?

6. Correct planograms were used for the location and category?

7. Number of “facings” is appropriate to allow an optimum number of different SKUs?

8. All product has been “fronted” correctly?

9. All products are priced correctly?

10.  Signage and shelf wobblers are used effectively and in good condition?

11. Are heavy or bulky items stored on lower shelves for safety?

12. Is product restocked completely at regular intervals?


1. Is the purpose of displays clear? Can it be understood in 5 seconds or less?

2. Have you employed a call to action in your signage?

3. Are promotions current and consistent with company directives?

4. Are all displays in “like new” condition?

5. Are bulk floor displays positioned correctly and safely? (no tripping hazard).

6. Are stand-alone displays maintained and re-stocked daily?

7. Are specials bins or baskets clearly signed with pricing and positioned in hot spot zones?


1. Does the staff look professional and are easily identified?

2. Have the staff received adequate product training?

3. All staff have good customer service and selling skills?

4. All staff know and have been assigned daily housekeeping responsibilities?

5. All staff understands the industry and customer needs?

6. Staff demonstrates product knowledge when asked?

Published by Raffaele Felaco

I am an enthusiastic leader with strong background in direct and indirect sales with an exten- sive experience in both retail and wholesale business. I have been fortunate to have worked alongside teams in structured environments both in Italy and abroad over the last 20 years, en- abling me to develop strong leadership skills, a natural approach in effective communication, the ability of positively influencing others and master complex business negotiations.

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