Prepare for the best #Blackfriday ever

Prepare for the best #Blackfriday ever

The countdown has started, but there’s still time to optimize your 2019 Black Friday ecommerce sales strategy.

We’re expecting another record-breaking year for holiday ecommerce sales.

“Modern shoppers tend to prefer online shopping, and while the deals themselves might not be quite as good on Cyber Monday as on Black Friday, the former tends to drive more actual revenue for sellers”

Are your team and website ready for the boost in traffic and transactions on all these upcoming dates?

To help you refine your plan, we’ve identified some Black Friday ecommerce tips to save you time and convert more customers:

“You can’t go into Black Friday and put 15% off, 20% off and expect to do well. Everything comes down to your offer—it’s the one time out of the year you can lower your prices without feeling like you’re losing brand integrity”

“The challenge for retailers is that as sales start earlier and earlier, it puts increased pressure on them to deliver the discounts they have trained their customers to expect”

Go all-in on VIP customers

Don’t be afraid to go even bigger with discounts and offers to your best customers.

Your discount strategy should also be part of an overall master plan leading up to Black Friday.

Create a master plan for Black November

Many retailers begin promoting their sales a month or so before Black Friday. So, you’ll need to pace your promotions throughout what is now referred to as “Black November”.

• A Black Friday buzz-building campaign that includes a countdown, deals, and specials using ads, email, and social leading up to the event.

• Sneak peeks on door crashers and other amazing sales that will go live during the weeks leading up to and on Black Friday

• A coordinated promotional strategy across all online channels—websites, emails, and social—to maximize sales on the day of your sales

• An influencer and micro-influencer engagement strategy to boost word of mouth about special offers

• Post-Cyber Monday deals (e.g., extended sale offers) for last-minute shoppers emphasizing shipping dates and gift wrapping throughout December

• Buy traffic early (before costs begin to soar) to build social audiences

• Remain top of mind by remarketing frequently

• Narrow your AdWords ads to high purchase intent keywords, like “buy [blank product]” or “best deal on [blank product]”

Additionally, consider how to capitalize on your growing social audience as part of your integrated Black November plan.

Build anticipation through social media

Leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can make an emotional connection with customers using inspiring imagery and highlighting positive testimonials on social platforms. 

Ten days away from Black Friday, Blenders shared an Instagram giveaway. Two days before the giveaway, they built hype around “the biggest Black Friday Sale. EVER.” using #blackfriday.

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