Fall Winter 21 : What to watch for in fashion.

The latest fashion trends seen on the Fall Winter 2020 2021 runways

TThe latest fashion trends seen on the Fall Winter 2020 2021 runways Fall Winter 2020 2021 fashion collections. At first glance streetwear’s footprint is a closed chapter: designers have recreated the concept of femininity. A woman who follows more bourgeois stylistic codes does so by choice and not to lock themselves into predefined stereotypes.

The idea of feminine takes form through various traditional sartorial coats, pleated or midi skirts, bon ton collars and silk blouses. A look to the past but with a contemporary filter

Elegance and femininity, rigor in the forms and preciousness of the fabrics, these are the keywords that define fashion for Fall Winter 2020 2021.

The February 2020 fashion month has made history. First of all, it has opened a new decade, which frequently coincides with a change of direction. We have all appreciated that designers have definitely left streetwear behind in favor of a new femininity, strong and conscious, free from stereotypes

But the fading away of this trend is replaced by a new awareness of a sustainable wardrobe: the big money, once spent to fulfill the need for new designer drops and must-have special collabs, is now used to buy long-lasting pieces, often crafted from materials that care for the planet. And the new generations seem also to opt for vintage garments and accessories, purchased in second-hand markets or discovered in their mums or grandmas closets. And this is why Lady D is considered a style icon also today.

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