How to #Shop #Sample #Sales

Back to #Basics: How to #Shop #Sample #Sales

Score the best #deals

“Back to Basics,” we’re here to guide you through life’s most common (and important) #fashion and #beauty concerns. Hot topic: how to #navigate sample sales.

It’s likely that when you think of sample sales, long lines, catfights and overwhelming bins full of crap to rummage through all come to mind first. This might lead you to believe they’re just not worth the effort and resort to paying full price or settling for a paltry end-of-season 40 percent off discount, instead. But that’s for amateur bargain hunters, because #sample #sales are totally worth it if you shop them the right way :


Traditionally, “sample sale” means a brand is selling heavily discounted sample designs made for the factories to base production on, press pieces sent out for editorial shoots, designs that models wear on the runway or — the best — one-off, never-produced items. But these days, what’s billed as a “sample sale,” might actually be overstock marked up to 80 or 90 percent off (the best ones), the traditional true samples or a mix of both. 

Shopping samples is great because you might find a current season item for a fraction of the retail price, and the one-off production pieces are extra special finds because no one else on the planet will have them.






But the sample #game has its caveats. #Sizes are limited: usually #running from XS to M for clothing. #Plus, damages run #rampant, so scrutinize each piece carefully before committing. #Overstock pieces will be past-season, but offer size selection and don’t involve the wear and tear. Not that one is better than the other, but it helps to know the #difference.



It helps to have a general idea of the full retail and current sale pricing and what brands are popular.


The term “#dressing room” is a bit of a #hyperbole when it comes to sample sales — if one is even available. It’s usually more of an ad-hoc curtained off area where you’re stripping down in front of other shoppers… of all #genders. More often than not, dedicated shoppers will just unrobe in whatever open space they can call dibs on. So wearing an outfit you can easily fit clothes over, like a cami and skinny jeans, is optimal for protecting your modesty (if you care), but also to remain quick and nimble while you shop. Same goes for footwear: slip-on shoes or boots are ideal for streamlining the fitting process. Also pack light. Many sales make you check your coat and bag at the door, but they might let you in carrying a teeny, wallet-size cross-body.


Just know that you will have to sacrifice on some levels in #exchange for the #discount.

A #sale might not have that exact item you’re obsessing over, but you could come across something even more #amazing (and #cheaper). Also, be willing to shop off-season. Summer is an opportune time to snatch up #beautiful wool #coats and normally #overpriced #designer #leather jackets on #heavy discount. Finally, be confident in your purchases because returns are usually never an option.


Not that we condone lying to your employers, but it pays to go #early to score a good spot in line and have your pick of the most (and best) options and the #limited samples, which usually aren’t replenished.

But, on the flip #side, overstock is usually refreshed throughout the duration of a sale and further discounting might happen as the sales progress. So it can pay to #shop later, too. Or, you know, just go #multiple times.


The bigger brands offer the high-profile deals, but they also usually involve #massive lines and huge #crowds. So we suggest visiting the favorite #smaller #brand sales, which tend to involve #plenty of #samples, great deals and a lot less pushing.

Plus, samples and stock off season sales are fantastic options for cool brands and loads of samples. Follow

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