Author – Raffaele Felaco

Hi there!

Welcome to UpBiz,

I am an enthusiastic  leader  with  strong  background  in  direct and  indirect sales  with  an  extensive experience  in  both  retail  and  wholesale business.

over a 20+ year career I have been lucky enough to work alongside  diverse  teams  in structured  environments both  in  Italy  and  abroad.

My past and current experiences have helped me developed my leadership  skills,  a  natural  approach  in  effective  communication,  the ability  of  positively  influencing  others  and the art of managing complex business  negotiations.

My passions in business are assessing,  planning, organizing,  developing  and  retaining resources, and of course I have a passion for writing and a commitment to share the little knowledge I have, hence this blog.

Enjoy reading and please feel free to share your comments or feedback you might have.

Thanks Raffaele

“Knowledge that is not shared is worthless”