What Is a Business Valuation?

Valuing a Company: Business Valuation Defined With 6 Methods What Is a Business Valuation? A business valuation, also known as a company valuation, is the process of determining the economic value of a business. During the valuation process, all areas of a business are analyzed to determine its worth and the worth of its departmentsContinue reading “What Is a Business Valuation?”

Whats IOT – The internet of things

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes physical objects embedded with sensors and actuators that communicate with computing systems via wired or wireless networks—allowing the physical world to be digitally monitored or even controlled. Does your house have a smart thermostat? Or do you wear a fitness tracker to help you stay physically active? If you do,Continue reading “Whats IOT – The internet of things”

Getting markdowns right: Four questions to answer

Getting markdowns right: Four questions to answer A retailer’s markdown strategy should provide data-driven answers to the following four questions: 1. Selecting the right items: What items should be put on clearance, given their performance during the season? To identify which items to mark down, a retailer should compare each item’s performance in the currentContinue reading “Getting markdowns right: Four questions to answer”