Il futuro dei brand è l’omnichannel commerce

Il futuro dei brand è l’omnichannel commerce Offerte generiche, raccomandazioni standardizzate e difficoltà tecniche al momento dell’acquisto? No, grazie. Per proiettarsi nel futuro, l’imperativo dei brand è cambiare, offrendo ai clienti un’esperienza personalizzata, con ogni mezzo e canale disponibile. Specie online, dove, secondo una ricerca recente, la possibilità di sentirsi riconosciuti, consigliati e anticipati neiContinue reading “Il futuro dei brand è l’omnichannel commerce”

5 reason I’ve gone freelance.

Freelancing makes it very simple for a person to choose the type of work based on what interests and benefits them best. It has become a workplace commonality, finding bright employees feeling frustrated and stagnated in the clutches of their full-time jobs. Often, they can be seen complaining about having little time and no freedomContinue reading “5 reason I’ve gone freelance.”

A unique window of opportunity

In many strategy rooms, the social side of strategy—misaligned interests, egos, and cognitive biases—creates inertia that gets in the way of organizations committing to big moves. In times of crisis, however, the burning platform is clear, leaders are often in military-command mode, and pre crisis budgets have become obsolete. Resources are easier to reallocate whenContinue reading “A unique window of opportunity”