Fall Winter 21 : What to watch for in fashion.

The latest fashion trends seen on the Fall Winter 2020 2021 runways TThe latest fashion trends seen on the Fall Winter 2020 2021 runways Fall Winter 2020 2021 fashion collections. At first glance streetwear’s footprint is a closed chapter: designers have recreated the concept of femininity. A woman who follows more bourgeois stylistic codes doesContinue reading “Fall Winter 21 : What to watch for in fashion.”

How to Work With Headhunters

Building good relationships with the right headhunters can pay off in the long run. What is a headhunter? There is a distinction between headhunters and recruiters. Headhunters tend to be more singularly focused on filling a particular role and actively seek out the perfect person for the job, whereas recruiters tend to work on multipleContinue reading “How to Work With Headhunters”

#Business in 2021 : Reinvention needed

Ask executives about their company and you can expect to be shown an organization chart. No wonder. The management concepts that the org chart visualizes—coordination, hierarchy, a matrixed organization—are the ones leaders grew up with and know best, as did generations before them. The first org chart from 1854, and was introduced to help runContinue reading “#Business in 2021 : Reinvention needed”

Selling to retailers

If you are reading this article, you probably fall into one of these categories: You have your products ready and are looking to start a wholesale business selling to retailers. You have a business that is currently selling to consumers and is looking to expand to sell wholesale. Whatever your reason for considering wholesale, thisContinue reading “Selling to retailers”

Pianificazione è l’arte di capire quali errori conservare

Per capire come una pianificazione può fallire, dovremmo esplorare le vulnerabilità di tre elementi: database di lavoro, operazioni mentali e strutture di conoscenze apprese Sono davvero poche le nostre decisioni, sia quelle piccole quasi insignificanti che prendiamo quotidianamente e ripetutamente, ma ancora di più, quelle veramente importanti che si prendono poche volte nella vita eContinue reading “Pianificazione è l’arte di capire quali errori conservare”