What is Crowd-funding ?

Crowdfunding is the use of small amounts of capital from a large number of individuals to finance a new business venture. Crowdfunding makes use of the easy accessibility of vast networks of people through social media and crowdfunding websites to bring investors and entrepreneurs together, with the potential to increase entrepreneurship by expanding the poolContinue reading “What is Crowd-funding ?”

What Is a Brand Identity?

Is it your logo? Your color palette? Your infographic style? It’s all that—and more. Brand identity is “the outward expression of a brand, including its trademark, name, communications, and visual appearance.” To customers , a brand identity is the sum total of how your brand looks, feels, and speaks to people. Ultimately, a brand identityContinue reading “What Is a Brand Identity?”

Simply Explained Business Model Canvas

Below I’ve highlighted the 9 parts of what’s is commonly known as Business Model Canvas, and in each part you’ll find simply explained each part key point / relevant questions 1)Customer Segments Which customers and users are you serving? Which jobs do they really want to get done? 2)Value Proposition What are you offering them?Continue reading “Simply Explained Business Model Canvas”

Secrets of a good leader.

Leadership skills can play a large role in career development. Technical skills may only take you so far, in every job there’s a need to manage effectively a team, at the end alone the achievable results are limited. To help you move forward in your career, you’ll probably need what is usually called soft skills,Continue reading “Secrets of a good leader.”

Wholesale Approach for SS21

Below I am sharing some (key)🔑 thoughts on how the wholesaler within the fashion industry might be approaching the next Spring Summer sales campaign. At this moment in time , all the players within the fashion industry at wholesale level have a long way ahead until Spring-Summer sales season and several scenarios are obviously possible.Continue reading “Wholesale Approach for SS21”