The Five Steps of Six Sigma

Six Sigma represents a management ideology which focuses on statistical improvements to a business process. It advocates for qualitative measurements of success over qualitative markers.

DMAIC cycle

True believers and practitioners in the Six Sigma method follow an approach called DMAIC which stands for define, measure, analyze, improve and control.

It is a statistically driven methodology that companies implement as a mental framework for business process improvement.

The ideology behind DMAIC is that a business may solve any seemingly unsolvable problem by following the DMAIC steps.

• A team of people, led by a Six Sigma champion, defines a faulty process on which to focus, decided through an analysis of company goals and requirements. This definition outlines the problem, goals and the quantifiable goods or services that must be provided upon the completion of a project.

• The team measures the initial performance of the process. These statistical measures make up a list of potential inputs which may cause the problem and help the team understand the process’s benchmark performance.

• Then the team analyzes the process by isolating each input, or potential reason for the failure, and testing it as the root of the problem. Through analysis, the team identifies the reason for process error.

• From there, the team works to improve system performance.

• Finally, the team adds controls to the process to ensure it does not regress and become ineffective once again.

Published by Raffaele Felaco

I am an enthusiastic leader with strong background in direct and indirect sales with an exten- sive experience in both retail and wholesale business. I have been fortunate to have worked alongside teams in structured environments both in Italy and abroad over the last 20 years, en- abling me to develop strong leadership skills, a natural approach in effective communication, the ability of positively influencing others and master complex business negotiations.

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